Launch Your Coaching Culture in Just 3 Months!

Our 3-month coaching culture launch program is designed for GTM Tech leaders aiming to elevate their leadership skills and instill a coaching culture of continuous growth.

This program combines essential leadership skills, practical coaching frameworks like the GROW model, and a hands-on approach to learning.

Participants will refine their coaching skills through direct application, benefit from personalized feedback, and develop strategies to enhance team performance.

The program also includes creating a tailored coaching playbook with best practices, refined Manager Operating Rhythms, as well as up to 3 trained internal coaching ambassadors and an established support network within your company to ensure lasting change.

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Our Program components

At the start of the program, we'll conduct a thorough skill gap analysis of your leadership team. This ensures the program effectively bridges crucial gaps, offering targeted support to enhance your leaders' skills efficiently.

What to Expect from the Coaching Culture Launch?

Adopting a coaching culture within your organization leads to tangible results:

Increase employee retention

Research from ValueSelling shows 58% of high-performing companies use sales coaching to increase employee retention.

Improvement in win rates & quota attainment

CSO Insights’ Sales Enablement Report found that sales coaching was related to a nearly 33% improvement in win rates and nearly 28% improvement in quota attainment.

Return on Investment

According to research by Metrix Global, leadership coaching is expected to have an ROI of 788%

Coaching culture implementation will also lead to:

Higher productivity and efficiency.
Significantly improved job satisfaction and employee morale.
Decreased employee turnover rates.

Ready to Empower Your Leadership and Unlock Your Team's Full Potential?

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