Making Your Coaching Culture Last

Making Your Coaching Culture Last

Creating a coaching culture is not effective unless it lasts. A change in leadership could jeopardize the coaching culture you worked hard to implement. Here are a few tips to keep a coaching culture going when personnel changes occur.

Hire into coaching culture. Be on the lookout for coachable candidates during the hiring process. Learn how to spot those who may be open to coaching versus those who will not. During onboarding, make it known that coaching is a part of your culture. Share why it exists and what it means to your team members and the organization as a whole.

Make managers great coaches. Make sure managers are adding to your coaching culture rather than working against it. Hold regular meetings with managers to make sure they are aligned on what “good” looks like and that they are empowered to own the culture just as much as you do.

Keep reps accountable. Keeping reps accountable to always be invested in their sales coaching will require some work, but it is key to maintaining your coaching culture. Make it a habit to always review the elements of a successful call and get reps involved in their own development so they feel invested in your coaching culture. Reinforce that everyone is accountable for a coaching culture, not just the leadership team. Don’t be shocked if reps need additional training from time to time– remember that 84% of training is forgotten within the first 3 months. That’s why it is imperative to always be coaching.

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