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Maria Perlman

Founder of Maria Perlman Leadership Coaching

Maria Perlman brings over 15 years of solid experience in B2B business development, sales training, and coaching, with a special focus on leadership coaching for the GTM Tech sector.

Obtaining her Accredited Diploma in Coaching in 2017, Maria has accumulated more than 1k+ hours of professional coaching, making a real impact in the business world.

Among here recent achievements, she founded the Coaching Academy for Leaders at Groupon, led the launch of iconoClass in the UK (B2B Tech Sales Bootcamp), and played a key role as a GTM Leadership Coach at Similarweb.

In these roles, Maria has focused on improving sales strategies, promoting a value-selling mindset, and helping managers build a culture of ongoing learning within their teams.

Maria passionately believes in the importance of leadership development and the impact of creating a coaching culture in organizations that aim for long-term success.

Her method is all about giving leaders the essential skills and tools they need to find coaching moments, grow their teams’ capabilities, and boost overall performance.

Maria's style is straightforward, aimed at getting results, and perfectly suited for tech companies and professionals looking for real growth and excellence in leadership. 

I attended one of Maria's coaching courses and found it immensely useful.

Maria has a great approach to coaching and is very passionate in wanting to get the best out of people.

Maria's course really helped with my personal development and I will continue to implement the tools learnt throughout my career.

Dominic Murphy
Head of Sales at Netmore

I wholly recommend Maria, she’s a total professional and her ability to help you understand things from a different perspective is unique and powerful. She certainly had a positive impact on me whilst we were going through a coaching programe. I’d work with her again in a heartbeat.

Mal Herring
Senior Partner Success Manager at Nexthink

Maria derives her experience from:

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Pavel Golenistsev

Business Psychologist

Pavel is a business psychologist who has worked with over 30 UK, US, European and multinational companies across industries, ranging from fast-growing start-ups to medium and large companies with 1000+ of employees. Pavel has expertise in organisational culture assessment, leadership development, and coaching for high-potential individuals.

I help growing companies that want to:

  • Better hire, develop, and retain their people
  • Create strong cultural foundations that align with its strategy, values, and brand
  • Do so in a targeted, and a budget-friendly manner that will allow them to not rely on the consultants like me in the long-term

Pavel supported our leadership team with a 360 exercise, individual follow-up coaching and a team workshop to bring all the learning back together.

Pavel is an excellent coach and all the team, me included, came out of our sessions having developed our self-awareness.

Pavel asks excellent questions and then gives the space and time required for thought progression.

Tom Robins
Chief Executive Officer at Switchee (SaaS Scale-up)

Pavel derives his experience from:

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Kerry Pierson

Personal Development & Leadership Coach

Kerry Pierson brings over two decades of leadership expertise across sales, marketing, and operations, dedicated to unlocking the full potential of individuals and teams.

A seasoned leader, Kerry has led initiatives to promote operational excellence and encourage teamwork, tackling complex challenges with strategic insight and a results-driven approach.

With a deep passion for coaching, Kerry has mentored numerous professionals, guiding their career trajectories and fostering their development by drawing on extensive experience in People Management, Coaching, and Mentoring.

Kerry is committed to cultivating inclusive workspaces where everyone is empowered to excel.

I wholeheartedly recommend Kerry Pierson and Maria Perlman for their outstanding efforts in spearheading the creation and international rollout of our manager coaching program at Groupon. Kerry and Maria demonstrated exceptional leadership, creativity, and dedication throughout every stage of this initiative. Their collaborative approach and unwavering commitment to excellence have been instrumental in the program's success. From the initial conceptualization to the meticulous planning and execution, Kerry and Maria have consistently delivered results that surpassed expectations.

Kerry and Maria's passion for empowering managers and enhancing leadership capabilities is evident in the program's impact across the business. They provided valuable guidance and resources and fostered a culture of learning and growth that will benefit the organization for years to come.

Andrew Graham
Head of Sales Academy at The Delivery Group

Kerry derives her experience from:

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“A coach is someone who sees beyond your limits and helps you break them.”

Michael Jordan

At the heart of high-performing sales teams is not just talent, but a commitment to continuous, personalized coaching.

Our approach is built on the proven pillars of effective performance coaching: regular, focused one-on-one sessions, real-world application, and a structured framework for ongoing development. By addressing common coaching roadblocks head-on and tailoring strategies to each Sales rep’s unique learning style, we not only improve performance but significantly boost retention in a sector where every skilled team member is invaluable.

Our Coaching Culture Program transforms this ideal into reality by embedding a culture of feedback, support, and progressive learning within your organization.

With our program, your leaders will not only preach excellence but practice it, creating a ripple effect of success across the entire organization.

Ready to Empower Your Leadership and Unlock Your Team's Full Potential?

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